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The Premier Golf App for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad

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Windows Phone
iPhone and iPad

The SHOTLY smartphone app is now 100% free! Really. No gimmicks, no tricks.

Be the envy of your golf buddies when you step on the course armed with the Rolls Royce of golf apps.

Everything about the SHOTLY Mobile App just makes sense. SHOTLY’s award-winning design features an easy-to-use navigational layout with beautiful graphics that are both pleasing to look at and functional. Large buttons make it easy to enter scores and the high contrast display provides maximum visibility outdoors. With our super-intuitive interface and a minimal learning curve, you will be up-and-running in no time. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, it’s enormously feature-packed.

The SHOTLY Mobile App is loaded with features and essential tools to improve your golf game. SHOTLY tackles golf score management from an entirely different approach.

USGA Handicap Index

SHOTLY provides you with an official USGA Handicap Index, which is the basic foundation for all golfers. A Handicap Index allows golfers of all skill levels to compete on a level playing field. Also, a Handicap Index is a great way to measure yourself against other golfers, and gives you the ability to play in local tournaments.

GPS Rangefinder

The SHOTLY iPhone App has a best-in-class rangefinder with map view. The SHOTLY Rangefinder measures the distance of every shot to easily identify the distance to the pin. Plus, the Map View will help you visualize the layout and distances of every hole. Turn your mobile device into the ultimate all-in-one tool for golfers.

Statistics Tracking

SHOTLY Mobile has a variable statistics-tracking feature designed to meet the needs of every golfer, from novice to pro. It will effortlessly adjust to the level of detail you want to track. Scores only: no problem. Fairways, greens, and putts: no problem. Everything and the kitchen sink: no problem. You Choose!

No need for guesswork. Get exactly what you need to know, right where you need it to be. SHOTLY has succeeded in designing a mobile golf app that makes perfect sense. Get SHOTLY Mobile now so you have the necessary tools to hit your shot with confidence and score!


Features of SHOTLY Mobile Edition Include:

  • Beautiful interface that is simple and elegant
  • Intuitive app navigation that's functional and convenient
  • Members get a USGA-approved Handicap Index
  • GPS Rangefinder for distances to the pin and key points
  • GPS Map View for hole and course visualization
  • GPS Yardage Rings indicating distance from pin (100, 150, 200)
  • Digital Scorecard to keep track of your scores in detail
  • Performance analysis with detailed statistics, graphs, and charts
  • World’s most accurate course database with certified verification
  • Take photos during the round and share the memories with your friends
  • Shoot video to help with your swing or to record a funny moment in your game
  • Email your round to friends on Facebook, Twitter, and the SHOTLY Community
  • Personalization to turn on or off all the features you desire
  • Call the course for tee times
  • Plot driving directions to the course
  • The SHOTLY Mobile Edition includes all The Basic Edition features
  • The SHOTLY Mobile Edidion includes the iPhone application, Windows Phone, and versions for the BlackBerry, Android, and others when available

SHOTLY for WP7 & WP8

SHOTLY for iPhone

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